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Sea Trout Fly Tying

A selection of simple sea trout fishing flies and how to tie them


Sea trout flies for night fishing need not be complicated. Indeed, I have found that a sparse simply dressed lure is often the most effective. We must remember, too, that sea trout cannot distinguish colours at night. In true darkness, they will see coloured hackles, for example, merely as shades of grey, so we need not worry too much about the colour of our sea trout flies, except for use in the half light of dusk or early morning, when colours may make a difference. The use of colour in our night flies will, of course, do no harm and can be used to provide contrast and tonal variation, which may be useful.

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Tying Sea Trout Flies

Tying Simple Sea Trout Flies

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Fly Tying Tools and Materials

Simple Sea Trout Singles


The Medicine Chest

The Ginger Pearl

Needle Tube Flies

Medicine Chest

The Ginger Pearl

A Box of Needle Tube Flies


Needle Tubes

The Foxy Tingler

Needle Flies

Sea Trout Needle Tubes

The Foxy Tingler

Needle Flies


Sea Trout Fly Tying Step by Step

A few sea trout flies are shown below, along with links to pages showing Step by Step photographic fly tying sequences. The flies are intended primarily for night fishing and are very simply dressed, often leaving the hooks or stainless steel tubes undressed to create slim, simple yet very effective night fishing flies.

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The Tingler

The Tingler Sea Trout Fly

Tying the Tingler Tube Fly



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